Our Mission

BrandingCup provides branding and design services for small businesses and startups to establish their brand to stand out by focusing on experience, appearance, and business goals.


It Started with a a Coffee Cup.

BrandingCup founder, Stephanie Hernandez, spent most of her time creating websites. Over the years, she had noticed that small companies were not consistent in their appearance. Their website had one type of style, while their marketing materials and presence had another. She would invite business owners to a local coffee shop and give them the time to express their goals and visions. However, something clicked when one client meeting turned on a creative lightbulb. Stephanie found herself discussing points of the business process to help her understand what the client was trying to convey to their potential clientele. To help the client understand better, Stephanie used the coffee shop ambiance to help explain to her client that the client needs to work on the business’ overall experience.

Just as the customer walks through the door, and purchases their drink and enjoys it, your brand needs to be the same way. Make them remember you by giving them your full experience, from when they meet you to your products or service.

-Stephanie, Founder

Hence the founding of BrandingCup Creative Media, where we focus on branding and assist clients in creating a memorable brand with a unique experience in person and on the web. Stephanie has partnered with talented individuals who are passionate in their fields, which brings more services to contribute to a clients’ success.